Volunteer ‘Casualties’

Volunteer ‘casualties’ wanted

 The United Fire Brigades’ Association of New Zealand (UFBA) is hosting the 2017 Australasian Rescue Challenge at Claudelands in Hamilton from 20-23 July.

Our firefighters help to rescue people from road crashes every day. At this Rescue Challenge, firefighters from across Australasia will compete against colleagues from around the world to enhance their extrication and medical skills. They need volunteers to act as casualties so they can practice rescuing people!

What we need
Casualty requirements
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What we need from our volunteer casualties

  • Available on Friday, Saturday or Sunday 21-23 July
  • Half or a full day or multiple days 7am-5pm
  • Each volunteer will do two scenarios a day. Sometimes more if required. But you will either do two long scenarios (can be in car for up to 2 hours) or a series of shorter ones for the Trauma Challenge.
  • We’ll provide food and water while you’re with us.

Casualties need to meet these requirements

  1. Height 1.5 to 1.9 metres
  2. Weight 60 to 85 kilos
  3. Over 18 years of age
  4. Physically flexible with no history of cardiac or respiratory illnesses
  5. Must not have fractured any bones within the previous twelve (12) months
  6. Must not be suffering any back injuries or other musculo-skeletal injuries or pre-existing back/ muscular skeletal injuries with the potential to be exacerbated
  7. Must not be claustrophobic, must be able to handle loud noises and be prepared for rescue procedures to occur close to them
  8. Must not have been in a serious road traffic crash
  9. Preferably have a current first aid certificate
  10. Be aware they will be placed in a wrecked vehicle
  11. Be aware that mock injuries (moulage) will be applied
  12. Do not overreact to questions asked or the situation
  13. Be prepared to be examined by attending first aider/paramedic
  14. Be prepared to receive treatment for the injuries simulated
  15. Be willing to be in the moulage room while injuries are applied and be available to be called back instantly if wandering around to look at the stands.

Casualties will wear their own black shorts/lycra shorts and singlet/tank top/shirt. We will supply special clothing to cover your clothes.

Competing teams will be informed at the Chief Assessor briefing they can cut down until they reach the black clothing. This will ensure that casualties modesty is maintained during the event.

Register here

If you meet the requirements and are keen to volunteer as a casualty at this event, please REGISTER HERE


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